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5 Reasons Why I Blog...

Five Reasons Why I Blog

Wow! I’ve been tagged! I suddenly feel as if I’m part of the “In” club. Either that or Carson was looking for some kind of sick satisfaction in making a baby blogger squirm when he tagged me in his own post about the reasons why he chooses to blog.

Good, bad, or indifferent, here are my five reasons…

An Escape From The Monotony – First and foremost, my blog is a place to run and hide when client work becomes overwhelming. The chance to write what I want, went I want, without deadlines, keywords, or specific topics keeps me going.

Opportunity For Feedback – Since most of the people who would bother reading my blog are in the same boat with me, I can get outside opinions and thoughts on the issues I deal with as a writer.

Networking – Though my blog is fairly new, I’ve made a couple of wonderful new friends and contacts in the freelance world since I started out. Eventually I’d love to see it get to the point where I can market to clients through my blog writing, but I’m nowhere near that point yet.

To Help Other Writers – Again, I still have a long way to go, but eventually I’d love for people to see my blog as a resource. I have learned so much reading other people’s blogs, and would love to give back to other writers through my own successes and failures

It Gives Me A Home – Before I started my blog, I felt homeless in the writing world. Now I have a place to call my own and be comfortable. Friends can stop by and visit and I can relax and kick back.

Now for the hard part...who do I tag? Some of these people may not have half a clue who I am, but they will now! I'm choosing bloggers that I read regularly! Hope they don't hate me now!


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