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Snow in APRIL?!

Would someone please give Mother Nature a calendar, a clue, a Prozac...something? My current weather report is telling me that we have a chance of up to 3 inches of snow overnight tonight and through tomorrow morning.

Can you tell I'm a tad irritated!? First, just MONDAY I had all the windows open, the fans blowing, and was contemplating calling the A/C tech guy to check out the system for the year. It was 82 degrees! Now this morning, the heat's blasting and I'm still cold.

Not to mention, I had planned to take the baby to his first Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow. Guess that's going to likely be canceled, unless it gets moved indoors. If the hunt is off, I suppose I'll have no excuse not to get some work done tomorrow...

Sorry for the non-writing related mini-rant, but I had to complain somewhere!


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