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All My Excuses...And A Meme

I know things have been a bit quiet around here lately, but for fairly good reasons.

I've shared all of mom's hospital escapades with everyone already. I've still been helping her out, as she's just been cleared to drive, but still has quite a few limitations on what she's allow to do otherwise.

Hubby's burns healed up fairly quickly and he wasn't in pain too terribly long, however we ended up taking yet another trip to the ER for him about a week following that fiasco. This time he stepped off a curb and messed up the ligaments in his ankle. That had him on crutches and out of work for a few days, and of course totally dependent on his ever-devoted wife. Thank goodness he had plenty of personal time to use!

With all of this, my normal 3rd trimester pregnancy issues, chasing the baby, and entertaining the 12 yr old, I've pretty much had my hands full. Top it all off with a few deadlines and well, blogging fell to the wayside a little bit! Hopefully this will be my last "break" until I have the baby in May!

In the meantime, it seems my good friend Harmony, over at Writer In The Making has tagged me with a meme.

The topic is Words To Live By and the rules are as follows:

1. Give a quote that you love, live by, you get the idea.
2. Give your reasons for why you chose it. Does it have special meaning? Is it just LOL funny?

One of my favorite quotes is:

"If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito." ~Bette Reese

I just plain love this quote, as it is true in so many ways. It serves as a reminder to everyone that even one little person can make a difference and an impact on the world!

I'm having a rough time thinking up people to tag today, but I do have one person who I'd like to see respond to this one! Diane Penna of The Write Path should have an interesting answer for this one, once she gets her move completed! If anyone else wants to participate, consider yourself tagged by me!


Thanks for keeping the meme alive! Great quote, I'm going to have to add that one to my list. I would like to say things will slow down for you, but with a new baby on the way we both know it won't happen.

April 2, 2007 at 10:43 AM  

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