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Gotta Get My Groove Back

Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything seems to just turn into a major fiasco before you even get a chance to start? I'm (hopefully) ending one of those long, drawn out periods myself, right now.

It all started Sunday when a molar started nagging at me. I tried to ignore it and work through, but by Sunday night I was ready to go through the roof. After battling with that through Tuesday, I was totally gung ho about getting work caught up and starting a couple of new projects.

Wednesday I just couldn't find the motivation, inspiration, or whatever it is that gets the words flowing freely. I wrote and froze, wrote and froze. It seemed nothing, including switching topics, helped. The rut just got deeper as the day went on.

I tried for a fresh start on Thursday and knocked out everything I had wanted to accomplish for both Wednesday and Thursday, plus an extra quickie article for a friend who was ill and about to miss a deadline, and all of that before it was time for Idol. I was BACK!

I watched some TV with dh, got the baby to bed, caught the 11pm news, and decided to bang out another article or two to get a jump on Friday's work. I log on, check my email, and the phone rings. Not a good sign.

Check the caller ID and its my dad's cell 11:45pm. REALLY not a good sign. Grab the phone to find out that my mom's heading to the hospital by ambulance with a heart attack. If that wasn't bad enough, my almost 12 yr old son was there with them for the night. Throw on clothes and fly out the door to get him, while trying not to have a nervous breakdown.

After sitting by the phone all night, I finally get a call at 7:30 from dad, saying she's been admitted to the ICU and is going for a Cardiac Cath in a few hours. Ok, we've been there and done that with her before, so it pretty much eases my mind. Grab a nap and then back to sitting by the phone. Updated from dad around 2, the cath showed a few blockages, one of which was in a major artery and needed a stent, the others were ballooned or weren't enough to warrant treatment. Mom's back in ICU for the day and will likely be released Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

So much for my mini groove that started Thursday! After spending my day on the phone with half the family, passing on dad's updates and fielding calls from concerned friends and relatives, I'm spent. However, it looks like I will be spending at least part of the next week playing nurse, so I have to make this weekend count. I'm hoping that taking a minute to get it all out here will help.

If you made it through the novella, thank you! Keep mom in your prayers and thoughts and cross your fingers that I get rolling through these projects this weekend to make what I need to pay the bills and still help mom when she gets home!

Hope everyone's weekend ends better than mine started!


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